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MediSil - Soft Silicone Perforated Tape

MediSil - Soft Silicone Perforated Tape. Silicone tape is a bandaging tape which allows inspection or repositioning of wound and dressings.
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Silicone tape is a bandaging tape designed to gently adhere to the skin without hurting the skin, which allows inspection or repositioning of wound and dressings.

It is great for patients with fragile and sensitive skin, including aged care patients.

Silicone tape is clean but non sterile. It is not a dressing.

  • Requires no scissors! Perforated, so just tear off needed length
  • Atraumatic adhesion
  • Gentle with fragile skin

Prevents and Improves Scars

Silicone gel sheeting is a soft, self-adhesive sheet that is applied over a scar that prevents and improves abnormal scars. A meta-study of 27 trials as well as results from eight randomised control trials prove that silicone gel sheeting is a safe and effective management option for hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Gold Standard for Scar Treatment

Silicone has demonstrated clinical efficacy over all other forms of topical treatments and has become the gold standard for scar treatment and scar prevention. It has many useful properties and retains the same pressure, temperature, and oxygen tension at the wound site. Silicone's biocompatibility means that it has a low risk of allergies and irritation and is highly suitable for patient's who cannot tolerate the pain of other scar management procedures.

Creates a Hydrating Barrier

The evaporative water loss from silicone sheeting is almost half that of skin, and it has been compared to the stratum corneum because of its ability to form a barrier to protect underlying tissue. Silicone sheeting creates a hydrated environment that decreases capillary activity and reduces fibroblast-induced collagen deposition and scar hypertrophy.

How to Use

  1. Gently clean the scar and surrounding skin with a mild soap and rinse in clean warm water. Thoroughly dry the scar and surrounding skin.
  2. Tear off required length of tape to fit scar size, with a small overlap over the surrounding skin.
  3. Remove backing from tape.
  4. Apply gel sheet, adhesive side to the scar, without stretching.
  5. Change MediSil after 3-4 hours in the first 24 hours to make sure there are no adverse reactions. Change once a day after that.

Note: Remove when showering.

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