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These pages are created for you, our valued patients and clients. It is not uncommon that you may feel overloaded with information after your first consultation. Often it may be difficult to absorb the diagnosis, treatment options, procedure details and recovery information all in one appointment. Sometimes, brochures get misplaced, information pamphlet gets left behind, or patients feel they need to find out more before they can make an informed decision.

We have, in these pages, tried to cover things that we may not have been able to during our first meeting, or add to information that has already been given. We have also put copies of postoperative instructions and preoperative information brochures which we give out to our patients. Useful website links has also been listed to assist you in finding credible websites with the correct information.

We have created this site to help you feel more prepared for your appointments and procedures.

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All About Breast Implants

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Surgery and Scars

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