Hand Therapy

To enhance your recovery and give you the fullest possible use of your hand, your surgeon may recommend a course of rehabilitation under the direction of a trained hand therapist.  Dr Vrtik works in conjunction with your hand therapists to engage you in the best route to recovery from your surgery. A referral to the hand therapist is often discussed with you prior to your surgery and enclosed in your postoperative brochure if required.

Hand therapists can also provide dressing changes, or removal of sutures as required. They work very closely with Dr Vrtik to ensure that your postoperative care is coordinated and safe. Hand therapists are specially trained occupational therapists or physiotherapists. They are very experienced in the rehabilitation of various hand conditions and surgeries.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Since the hand is a very sensitive part of the body, you may have mild to severe pain following surgery. Your surgeon can prescribe injections or oral medication to make you more comfortable. How long your hand must remain immobilized and how quickly you resume your normal activities depends on the type and extent of surgery and on how fast you heal.

Your therapy may include hand exercises, heat and massage therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, splinting, traction, and special wrappings to control swelling. Keep in mind that surgery is just the foundation for recovery. It's crucial that you follow the therapist's instructions and complete the entire course of therapy if you want to regain the maximum use of your hand.

Hand Therapists

Dr Vrtik recommends and work closely with the following hand therapy services:

EKCO Occupational Services: www.ekco.com.au

  • Level 1, 62 Astor Tce, Spring Hill; Ph 3833 3222
  • 4/738 Gympie Rd, Chermside; Ph 3350 5172
  • 7 Pring St, Ipswich; Ph 3812 5199
  • Level 4, Mater Private Clinic, 550 Stanley St, South Brisbane; Ph 3846 0700

Extend Rehabilitation: www.extendrehab.com.au

  • Level 9, 259 Wickham Tce, Brisbane; Ph 3834 7060
  • Level 5, Suite 8, 201 Wickham Tce, Brisbane; Ph 3831 7324
  • Level 3, Cnr Ipswich Rd & Cornwell St, Buranda; Ph 3391 1233
  • Suite3, 960 Gympie Rd, Chermside; Ph 3256 4001
  • Suite 5, St Vincents Specialist Centre, Dalley St, Lismore; Ph 3834 7061

Hands On: all appointments 3843 6605

  • 830 Old Cleveland Rd, Carina
  • Logan Specialist Centre, Unit 10 Springwood Plaza, 3-15 Dennis Rd, Springwood
  • 7 Duckett St, Beaudesert
  • Greenslopes Private Hospital, Newdegate St, Greenslopes
  • Sunnybank Private Hospital, McCullogh St, Sunnybank
  • Mater Private Hospital, Weippin St, Cleveland
  • Montserrat Day Hospital, 12 Riverview Tce, Indooroopilly
  • 8 Roderick St, Ipswich

Hand Therapy Clinics: all appointments 3800 7553 or 0414 564 537

  • Crossroads Covenience Cetre, Cnr Browns Plains Rd and Mt Lindesay Hway, Browns Plains
  • Bywater at Canossa, 169 Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd, Oxley


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