Gifts & Packages

Looking for a pampering gift? Creare Clinic has lots of gift options, including ASAP packs with a complete range of skin care products beautifully packaged in a handy travel bag. Additionally, we also have treatment packages. For those undecided, our gift vouchers will give your loved one the choice to choose whichever service or product they would like

Our treatment packages are put together to give you a complete experience with the best value. Each package also allows flexibility so that we can tailor the treatment components specifically to your requirements.

Rejuvenate & Celebrate – Cosmetic Parties

Cosmetic Parties are fast becoming a trend around Australia as these treatments have become more common place, openly accepted and sought-after by the general public. Antiwrinkle and Filler injections are used by male and females alike to soften the wrinkles and deeper lines on the face. At your Rejuvenate & Celebrate Party, the injections are performed by our specialist in a relaxed clinical environment at our clinic in Everton Park. Find out more about this fantastic special.

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers give your loved one the gift of choice. You can stipulate the amount and even specify the type of gift. Our gift vouchers are applicable to all products and services ranging from ASAP skin care range to injections! The vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Gift voucher suggestions:

  • $50 Voucher for ASAP skin care products
  • $120 Voucher for a full facial assessment and consultation
  • $150 Voucher towards the Bridal Skin Care Package
  • $200 Voucher for skin resurfacing and post-treatment skin care
  • $500 Voucher of cosmetic injections

Ordering our gift vouchers is easy; you can do it over the phone with a credit card. We will send it out to either yourself or to the recipient of your gift. To avoid disappointment, please allow 2 business days for postage.


Bridal Skin Care Package

Exquisite glowing skin makes a stunning bride, our Bridal Skin Care Package aims to make you look and feel beautiful on your big day. The package includes:

  • Consultation and assessment with our specialist nurse therapist
  • 2x essential ASAP daily skin care products picked specifically for you - to optimise your skin before the big day
  • 1x session of microdermabrasion or chemical peel - Your therapist will recommend which depending on your skin type. Timing of treatment will also be recommended to give you the best result for your special day.
  • An ASAP travel pack of your essential skin care products to take on your honeymoon!

To obtain the maximum benefit from our Bridal Skin Care Package, we recommend that you book your consultation at least 3 months before the big event. The Bridal Skin Care Package is also a great idea for the bridesmaid or mother-of-the-bride.

For any enquiries or bookings, please call our clinic on 07 3353 6165.

Price $250 (incl GST)


The ‘Grown-Up’ Bridal Package

The ‘Grown-Up’ Bride Package is specifically tailored for more mature brides, proud mothers or even grandmothers of the bride! This package is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and will make you look and feel beautifully younger on the one of the biggest days of your life. The package includes:

  • A full facial assessment with our specialist doctor
  • A full skin assessment with our nurse therapist
  • A specifically recommended ASAP skin care regime with 3 products
  • One session of microdermabrasion or chemical peel – your nurse therapist will recommend the most suitable choice for your skin
  • Antiwrinkle treatment and/or facial and lip enhancement with dermal fillers (to the value of $1200) – specific treatment tailored to you will be recommended and discussed with you during your consultation
  • 10% off any additional treatment not included in the package

To gain the optimal benefits of your package, it is recommended that you book your first consultation at least three months prior to the big day. Often skin care will need to be commenced first, after which the skin resurfacing, Antiwrinkle and Filler injections will be booked in at appropriate intervals to follow. It is important that treatments are well completed at least one month prior to the event. This will give adequate time for the post-treatment effects to settle and reveal your optimal rejuvenated appearance at just the right time!

For any enquiries or bookings, please call 07 3353 6165

Price $1500 (incl GST)


The Special Mum Package

Mums are special. Where would we be without them? Were you responsible for those frown-lines on your mother’s face? Or more likely, you are probably still the main reason for those laugh lines around her eyes! Pamper your mum and give her the chance to feel younger, fresher and more confident about herself. Our Special Mum Package is tailored to make any mum feel like a new woman! It includes:

  • A full facial assessment and consultation with our specialist doctor
  • One session of microdermabrasion or chemical peel to tighten and refresh the skin
  • Upper face rejuvenation with (up to $400) Antiwrinkle injections
  • 10% off any additional treatment not included in the package

Book your mum in for a consultation today on 07 3353 6165 and take away her worry-lines (literally!); pamper her with a chance to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Price $580 (incl GST)



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